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The ability to map stakeholder is one of today’s most critical yet challenging business skills. And under the pressures of crises, one that becomes vital.

Do you know how to easily and rapidly map your stakeholders so that you can develop a successful engagement strategy

CS&A’s Untangle™ Fast Track Stakeholder Mapping is a unique and powerful tool to help you map stakeholders systematically and productively. With automated functionality to prioritise and categorise, the system helps you flag each stakeholder group’s particular issues, define their respective positions and potential actions so that you can frame your strategy and key messages to meet the desired outcome

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Unique tool to map stakeholders systematically

Formulate a desired outcome, strategy and key messages

Easy and Intuitive user interface, with automatic updates



What exactly is Untangle™?

CS&A’s Untangle™ FastTrack Stakeholder Mapping is a unique and powerful tool for mapping stakeholders. It does so systematically, by prioritising and catergorising stakeholders, identifying their specific issues, defining positions and potential actions so that ultimately a desired outcome, strategy and key messages can be formulated.

Why is stakeholder mapping so important?

Stakeholder Mapping is an essential part of effective crisis leadership today. It is instrumental in assessing and managing stakeholder perceptions and helps organisations define what aspects of a crisis can and cannot be influenced.

I already have a list of the main stakeholders, isn't it enough?

In a highly interconnected and interdependent world, stakeholders’ influence on the direction and outcome of crises cannot be underestimated. So merely listing stakeholders is not enough! And the ability to map stakeholders under pressure is a critical skill crisis teams cannot do without. Untangle™ will help you see through the maze of stakeholders so you can steer the course in a crisis.

When is this tool most helpful?

The tool has been designed to assist during crises situation where time is critical, but it is not less effective to use before and after crises.

It cannot be stressed enough how important it is for companies of any size to map their stakeholders, specially during emergencies and crisis situations. 

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