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Do you need to check if your employees have an adequate environment to work in? Or if they are taking the right measures during Covid-19? Try our Easy2Check app


How did your Managers and Management teams deal with COVID-19 crisis? Easily assess the preparedness throughout your organisation. Try our Easy2Assess app

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Do you know the status of your risk and issues management capability and your organisation's overall crisis preparedness?
What about your and your staff's Crisis Management competences level?
Try CrisisScan™

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Under Crisis? Try CrisisCom™, our intuitive crisis management and communication system

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Want to learn the Principles of Crisis Management? Sustain the crisis preparedness of your organisation with our eLearning modules.
Try CrisisEcademy™

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Can you easily and rapidly map your stakeholders and how to approach them? Try CS&A’s Untangle™ Fast Track Stakeholder Mapping

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Are you and your team prepared for to handle you organisation's worst-case scenarios?
Start today. Try CrisisScenarios™

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Want to simulate media and social media for live sessions? Try CrisisMediaSim™

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Do you know your organisation's reputation management capability?
Try ReputationScout™

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How can you make your spokesperson’s job easier? OnPoint™ is our unique and innovative app to be fully equipped and prepared as the face and voice of your company 24/7

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Manage critical events, send Mass Notifications. Rapidly pinpoint threats and automate response.

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Online platform to conduct simulations and exercises to advance participants' understanding of complex problems and strengthen their ability to navigate crises collaboratively and remotely.

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Tailored online dashboard to evaluate Communication, Public Relations, Marketing, and CSR integrating communication strategy and KPIs.


Manage critical events, send Mass Notifications. Rapidly pinpoint threats and automate response.


AI Solution to monitor emerging risks and disruptions. Instant access to real-time social media insights for an informed response.

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