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Crisis Management eLearning

Do you want to learn crisis management best-practices?

Sustain your crisis preparedness with professional eLearning courses designed by crisis experts. 

Onboard your teams or refresh skills effectively with CS&A’s CrisisEcademy™

Modules Available:

  • Crisis Management Essentials

  • Crisis Leadership

  • Crisis Communication

In development:

  • Emergency Response

  • Managing a Cyber Crisis

  • Stakeholder Mapping

  • Scenario Planning

  • Logging in a Crisis

Main Features
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Main Features

E-Learning courses, with comprehensive overview and real-world advice

Practical and dynamic modules, with study cases, tests and exercises

Courses available in multiple languages

Compatible with CMS & LMS systems.
Runs in PC and Mac

Modules & Languages
About CrisisEcademy

Crisis Management eLearning

CrisisEcademy™ is designed to provide our clients with an easy to implement, cost-effective professional crisis eLearning solution to sustain skills in between training, onboard new crisis team members and provide a refresher to those already trained.




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CS&A International’s 3 courses can either be adopted “as is" or tailored to your organisation:

What you absolutely need to know about Crisis Management


What does it take to become a Crisis Leader?


Crisis Communication Best Practice Before, During & After

More courses such as Emergency Response, Managing a Cyber Crisis, Stakeholder Mapping, Scenario Planning and Logging in a Crisis are under development.

Each course (running approximately an hour) consists of several modules which include pre and post self-assessments, case examples, best practice guidelines, videos, quizzes and in-situ exercises presented in a dynamic and interactive way with professional voice-over guiding the learner throughout. Whilst learners are free to start and stop the course at their discretion, for optimum learning experience CS&A recommends completing each course within a week.

CrisisEcademy™ courses are fully customisable to each client’s own crisis procedures, organisational culture and design look and feel.

CS&A’s CrisisEcademy™ Courses are available on a subscription-based license with rates depending on the number of users.


“CS&A was the perfect choice for Molson Coors Brewing Company (MCBC) to partner with when we decided it was time to incorporate eLearning into our global crisis management/business continuity awareness strategy.


MCBC was expanding so quickly we realized we needed additional avenues beyond face to face to assure our employees knew our crisis awareness and management processes.


CS&A took our 'live' training material and created one of the most interactive and engaging eLearning programs I have been involved in throughout my career at the company. We rolled it out to our Crisis Management Executive team in the first wave and they gave it two thumbs up!”

MCBC Global Risk Management


“In 2018, CS&A supported us to create 2 crisis eLearning courses – one on Crisis Management Essentials for all crisis team members (300 teams globally) & one on Crisis Leadership for our executive teams.


Delivery included a quick turnaround & CS&A met the need without compromising quality & worked closely with us to ensure the training was fit-for-purpose for our organization & reflected our business, ways of working, & threat environment.


CS&A is grounded in sound and proven crisis management concepts that built capability and also provided memorable fundamentals based on their subject matter expertise that made the learning more accessible & retainable.


We have lived the training through many crises and appreciate CS&A for providing a foundation for effective response.”

GSK Corporate Crisis & Continuity Management

CrisisEcademy Client's Testimonials

Crisis Management eLearning


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