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ICONS Project

ONLINE-Based Strategic Simulations and Exercises

The ICONS Project is a platform designed for digital simulations and scenario-driven exercises to advance participants' understanding of complex problems and strengthen their ability to make decisions, navigate crises, think strategically, and negotiate collaboratively all within the context of a global enviroment.

Working with our strategic partner ICONS at the University of Maryland, ICONS supports customised crisis management exercises that help corporate leaders understand how to effectively plan for and respond to events that can derail day-to-day operations and threaten brand image and the bottom line.


Digital platform for online-based crisis management exercises

Designed to reflect the digital global environment

Easy and Intuitive user interface, with automatic updates

Help your organisation be ready when it matters.


Can you enhance your ability to pre-empt, prevent, mitigate and recover from any adverse situation?

ICONS at the University of Maryland, offers professional-level and executive training programs that incorporate multi-player, real-time simulation exercises.


Initially developed for and applied to the academic and public sectors, CS&A is collaborating with ICONS to deliver simulations to the business and corporate environment.


Combining CS&A’s hands-on practical risk and crisis management expertise with ICON's academic insight, the simulation approach is ideally suited to help organisations practice the pre- and post- crisis phases as well as uncover opportunities to turn potentially negative situations into positive outcomes.

The ICONS online tool is designed to address the potential escalation emerging from a risk or an issue as well as the lingering and long-term impacts of a crisis. As such, ICONS helps enhance crisis anticipation and prevention as well as mitigation and recovery.


With the ICONS Tool you can broaden your perspective by taking into account stakeholder behaviour and as a result enhance your overall stakeholder management capability, manage issues and risks more proactively and improve your scenario planning skills.


So, would you like to be ahead of the game?

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