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An Intuitive Crisis Management and Communication System

Crisiscom is an exclusive interactive technology system, which maximizes crisis management resources and efficiency through the utilization of a virtual crisis management environment (VCME).


Pioneered by CS&A, CrisisCom addresses organisations’ most common crisis response challenges such as limited resources and manpower, crises affectingmultiple sites, decentralized CMTs (Crisis Management  Teams), and remote working environments.


Crisiscom‘s VCME enables crises to be managed by multiple CMTs securely anytime and anywhere, via a laptop computer, tablet or smart phone, a telecommunications link and the Crisiscom interface. The user-friendly system, accessibility and crisis-response focused functionalities makes it the crisis management tool for the 21st century.



Holding Phones

Main Features

Maximizes crisis management resources and efficiency through the utilization of a virtual crisis management environment (VCME)

Manage a crisis anytime, anywhere, via internet and the Crisiscom interface.

Developed specifically in response to clients’ most common crisis management challenges

What are the main functions of CrisisCom™?

Through its two main functions of Critical Information Management and CMT Automation, it provides:

Critical Information Management

  • Real-time VCME with access to:

  • Database, intranets, websites

  • Crisis Materials

  • Operational Materials

  • Contact Directories

  • Instant updating of materials throughout the Crisiscom  network;

CMT Automation

  • A centralized “real-time” logging system;

  • Multiple interactive Briefing Rooms for use by various CMT members i.e.: Crisis Leader, Public Affairs, Human Resource, Operational and Legal, etc.

What technology does Crisiscom incorporate?

Crisiscom incorporates:

  • Fire Walls Encryption

  • End-to-end GSM security

  • Scaleability

CrisisCom™ provides a redundant system based on two independent servers and server mirroring for guaranteed reliability

What security features does the tool have?

  • Access Security

  • First access to the system is protected by the Kerberos environment, which is more reliable than simple

  • password authentication systems

  • Split Applications

  • Application files and HTTP-server resources are in separate, protected locations

  • Session Logic

  • Each access is point of access - session - user dependent;

  • There is no use of cookies or other client related referral

  • Redundancy

  • The servers’ set-up is mirrored to another structure in a separate physical location

What are the main uses of the tool?

CrisisCom™ can be organised:

  • Geographically

  • By Business Division/Operating Companies

  • According to the client’s organization

  • Project by project

CrisisCom™ is a live system for use during

  • Crises

  • Crisis training

  • Crisis exercises

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