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Your Spokesperson’s Job
Has Just Become Easier

The days of searching approved “talking points” on your company’s intranet or SharePoint are over.
With OnPoint™, key messages, Q&As and company positions are now readily available within reach on your device.

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A Unique App

  • Ensures information is easily and securely accessible, enabling timely replies to media and stakeholder questions at any time and anywhere.

  • Allows spokespersons to stay up to speed and be aligned on key issues and responses.

  • Access to curated and high-level data and references, empowers spokespersons to communicate with clarity, consistency and credibility.

  • Intuitive and user-friendly with automatic updates.

As the gatekeeper to a company’s reputation, a spokesperson has a powerful influence on how the world sees your business.

A spokesperson is one of the most visible people in your organisation, so how they communicate and connect with stakeholders matters.


Whether day to day, before, during, or after a crisis, they are the public voice of your company, and what they say reflects its values. When a spokesperson is fully equipped and prepared, they are in the best place to build trust, engage and connect with stakeholders. It’s a job that never stops.

Now, there’s an innovative app to support it

A World First in Communication Solutions 

Puts the power of a sophisticated communication strategy at your fingertips

Created with the force of CS&A’s decades of experience in risk, crisis and reputation management, OnPoint™ is an essential tool for a spokesperson communicating on complex issues, responding to stakeholder queries or when navigating a crisis, no matter how big or small.

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