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Monitoring and analysing media stories and social media posts during a crisis is a necessity and being able to replicate this level of pressure during an exercise is an essential aspect of training and practice.

CS&A's CrisisMediaSim™ provides a dynamic, “as real as it gets” media and social media environment that includes news stories and social network posts related to the scenario and allows the practicing team to respond and engage securely.

This indispensable tool for today’s crisis exercises provides a window into media stories and social media posts during an exercise. It is the Crisis Management Team’s challenge to monitor and analyse this information, relay it to the rest of the team and decide when and how to respond.


CrisisMediaSim™ allows participants to put theory into practice in a realistic and safe virtual environment.

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Features List

Simulated Media & Social Media

Time Pressure

Automatic Updates

Multi-Language Supported

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