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Are you crisis ready?

Do you know the status of your risk and issues management capability and your organisation's overall crisis preparedness? What about your and your teams’ crisis management competences level

CrisisScan™ is CS&A's one of a kind diagnostic tool that assesses your organisation’s capability in the business critical areas of risk, issues and crisis management as well as your team’s crisis leadership competencies.

Via one-on-one, in-depth interviews conducted with nominated leaders and managers, CrisisScan™ provides organisations with a graphic, statistical and comprehensive representation of their issues, risk and crisis management readiness as well as a benchmarking ability so that you can continuously enhance your resilience .

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Holding Phones

Main Features

Know the status of your risk and issues management capability and your emergency and crisis preparedness

Know the risk, issues, emergency and crisis management competence
level of your management and staff

Benchmark your organisations’ business units year-on-year

How are the interviews conducted?

One-on-one, in-depth interviews are conducted and query pre-selected managers and employees on:
• Their knowledge of company policies, processes and procedures in crisis management
• Their understanding of and competency level in crisis management and the associated fields of issues, risk and stakeholder management.

What sets CS&A's CrisisScan™ apart from the competition?

CrisisScan™ is the only truly comprehensive issues/risk/crisis assessment tool available that:
• Is based on internationally accepted standards of best practice
• Enables you to set and measure your capability against your own targets
• Enables you to apply uniform standards to all your operations

How are the results presented?

The results are represented in percentages of the desired optimal situation and in spidergrams, for the team as a whole as well as for individuals.
The results and their graphic representation provide clients with:
• A clear picture of their strengths and weaknesses in specific areas of risk, issues and/or crisis
• A detailed account of crisis management team members’ knowledge and understanding of
the client’s policies, processes and procedures
• A crisis management competency profile for individual crisis management team members
• The possibility to measure progress through benchmarking

How do I interpret the results?

In its accompanying report, CS&A further details its findings, comments, highlights potential discrepancies and weaknesses and makes recommendations for improvements.

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