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CS&A’s suite of real-world CrisisScenarios™ are ideal for crisis management teams to practice and refresh their skills during cost-effectively crisis exercises.


In three quick steps, you can enhance your crisis preparedness:

  1. Buy a StockScenario that best suits one of your organisation's possible worst-case situations;

  2. Gather your CMT for a couple of hours, and;

  3. Nominate a colleague to moderate the session by simply following the user-friendly instructions!


Select Your Worst-Case Scenario:

Ammonia Leak Scenario

Cyber Breach Scenario

Fire Scenario

Food Poisoning Scenario

Human Rights Scenario

Product Contamination Scenario

Plant Closure Scenario

Strike Scenario

Tailored Crisis Scenario

Image by Markus Winkler

Main Features

Ready-to-use realistic scenarios for training and strategic management meetings

CrisisScenarios™ come with a user-manual. Designed to be easy to run and getting real learnings

The scenarios have at least 3 escalation steps and guiding questions to ensure an effective and a productive training

Duration of the trainings:

1.5 - 2 hours


What kind of scenarios are offered?

There is a wide range of scenarios available, specific to each industry. Then, there are also general scenarios such as strikes or natural disasters.

CS&A core business is creating tailored scenarios to a specific organisation and run the desktop or simulation exercise.

Contact us by filling in the form below if you want a scenario developed tailored to your own company.

Why use a CrisisScenario?

CrisisScenarios were designed for use in the context of training and strategic management meetings. The typical duration of this scenario as it is provided is one and a half to two hours, which makes it a valuable too for effective in-house trainings.
All the scenarios include a list of questions to follow at specific intervals, which are designed to help facilitate a productive training session and a beneficial outcome for the practicing team.

How are the scenarios used? And do I need an external facilitator to run it?

The scenarios have been designed specifically for organisations to run them with their own team without the need of any external assistance. The scenarios come with an instruction manual for the facilitator.

Get a CrisisScenario
We will contact you to understand your needs and give you a quotation for the scenario that best fits your organisation

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