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Introducing CS&A's
Crisis Management Solutions

Enhance your Risk, Crisis and Business Continuity Management with

our simple, easy, and highly effective tools developed by our

Crisis Management experts to assist you remotely before, during and after a crisis.

CS&A Integrated Business Contingency Framework
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COVID-19 Solutions

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How can you make your spokesperson’s job easier? OnPoint™ is our unique and innovative app to be fully equipped and prepared as the face and voice of your company 24/7

Top Solutions


CS&A's Top Solutions will prepare you and your organisation to manage a crisis

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Sustain the crisis preparedness of your organisation with our professional Crisis Management eLearning modules developed from the 30+ years of experience of our crisis experts.


  • Crisis Management Essentials

  • Crisis Leadership

  • Crisis Communication

  • Business Continuity Essentials


Are you prepared for a worst-case scenario? Start today.

Select the crisis scenario that your organisation could face, and start practicing.
Ideally formatted to last on average 1.5 to 2 hours, the scenarios are optimised for training and strategic management meetings.

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Untangle™ Fast Track Stakeholder Mapping


Our unique  and powerful tool that facilitates the strategic process of Stakeholder Mapping while generating actionable results for your organisation.

Untangle™ will productively and easily assist you during a crisis but its effectiveness will help you before and after as well.

All Solutions


CS&A has developed a number of unique tools and solutions to help prevent, prepare for and manage crises more effectively. In addition, via our selected preferred partners, we offer BIA
(Business Impact Analysis) and BCP tools, as well as a crisis mass alert and notification system.
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Our Clients


CS&A International has helped enhance the crisis resilience of its clients since 1991.
With particular experience in high risk and controversial industries,
we have worked with the senior management of multinational corporations across industry sectors.
CS&A's trusted client list includes:
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